Program & Speakers

Below you can find the preliminar program. The definitive one will be issues soon

12 July 2018 (Forum companies programme)

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9.30 Registration of participants

Welcome to the participants

Dr. Jaume Sió, Sub-director General de Transferencia i Innovació Agroalimentària


Keynote Speaker

Introduced by Ignacio Romagosa (Agrotècnio, UdL)

Making precision farming a reality

by Dr. George Beers (Wageningen UR, NL)

10:40 Coffee Break

Bloc 1

Introduced by Gabriel Anzaldi (EURECAT)

Predictive management of wine value supply chain

Agropixel, Codorniu, Matarromera


Bloc 2

Introduced by Enric Pedrós (FEMAC)

Towards a connected Agriculture?

Maquinaria Agrícola Solà, ITC, TEYME


Session 3

Introduced by Jorge Gonzalo (Agrifood AT)

Smart production of animal protein

bonÀrea Agrupa, Carnicas Iruña S.A., VallCompanys, S.A.

14:00 Lunch
15:00 Agritech BigData

Approaching Agricultural Analytics from Lleida

by Gabriel Anzaldi (EURECAT)

15:30 The challenge of global data: Hub Forestal

The Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative and the GFBI Hub at the University of Lleida: Big data from global forest

by Sergio de-Miguel (UdL), Jingjing Liang (Purdue University, USA), Albert Sorribas (UdL)


Data analytics at hand of everyone?

Conducted by Jorge Gonzalo (Agrifood AT), Enric Pedròs (FEMAC) Marc Torrent (Big Data CoE Barcelona) and Ignacio Romagosa (Agrotècnio, UdL)

17:00 Beer party networking


13 July 2018

09:00 Participants' presentations

Talk 1

Talk 2
09:30 Participants' presentations Talk 3 Talk 4
10:00 Participants' presentations Talk 5 Talk 6
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Keynote Speaker

Data science meets optimization with a glance on agriculture

by Dr. Patrick De Causmaecker (KULeuven,B)

12:00 Participants' presentations Talk 7 Talk 8
12:30 Participants' presentations Talk 9 Talk 10
13:00 Participants' presentations Talk 11 Talk 12
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Participants' presentations

Talk 13

Talk 14
15:00 Participants' presentations Talk 15 Talk 16
15:30 Participants' presentations Talk 17 Talk 18
16:00 Coffee breack
16:30 Participants' presentations Talk 19 Talk 20
17:00 Visit to La Seu Vella
20:30 Dinner


14 July 2018

09:00 Participants' presentations

Talk 21

Talk 22
09:30 Participants' presentations Talk 23 Talk 24
10:00 Participants' presentations Talk 25 Talk 26
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Keynote Speaker

AC - Automatic Configuration

by Dr. Carlos Ansotegui


12:00 Participants' presentations Talk 27 Talk 28
12:30 Participants' presentations Talk 29 Talk 30
13:00 Participants' presentations Talk 31 Talk 32
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Poster session
15:00 Meeting of the BigDSS Agro network group
16:00 Visit to Lleida Museum
20:30 Dinner


Talk # 13th July  9:00-10:30
  Authors Title
1 Antonio Mauttone, Lourdes Cairelli, Francisco Paroli, Lorena Rodríguez-Gallego, Antonella Barletta and Carolina Cabrera Land use optimization considering compact allocations
2 Gerardo Perez-Valdes, Vibeke S. Nørstebø, Svein Olav Krøgli, Misganu Debella-Gilo and Wenche E. Dramstad GIS-MCDA-OR Framework for Localization of Bioeconomic Clusters
3 Iacopo Bernetti, Veronica Alampi Sottini, Elena Barbierato, Irene Capecchi and Silvio Menghini Digital footprints: Incorporating crowdsourced geographic information for spatial evaluation of cultural ecosystem services in agricultural landscape
4 Dan Jensen, Katarina Dominiak and Lene Pedersen Automatic estimation of slaughter pig live weight using convolutional neural networks
5 Xavier Ignacio González, Matías Novoa and Franco Bacigaluppo Analyzing relations between Twitter sentiment and crop price variations 
6 Rodolfo Garcia-Flores, Elaine Le Khon Luc, Peerasak Sanguansri and Pablo Juliano A two-stage stochastic model for the selection of processing hubs to avoid broccoli losses
  13th July  12:00-13:30  
7 Mauricio Pohl and Carlos Juárez Flood Risk Modeling Using the ECA-CLIMADA Methodology in Urban Rivers of the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador
8 Katarina Nielsen Dominiak, Jeff Hindsborg, Lene Juul Pedersen and Anders Ringgaard Kristensen Area-specific predictions of unwanted events using multivariate modeling of water data
9 Tobias Maschler, Bastian Stürmer-Stephan, Meike Tilebein, Thomas Stegmaier, Jörg Morhard and Hans W. Griepentrog A Decision Support System for Designing Vegetation Layers with minimised Irrigation Need
10 João Pedro Pedroso and Davi Pereira Dos Santos Data driven optimization for crop selection
11 Manish Shukla and Julia Barrantes Evaluating Sourcing Risk in Agri-Food Supply Chains: A Multi Crite-ria Decision Support System for Supplier Selection
12 Magdalena Leithner and Christian Fikar A decision support model to facilitate quality data within a regional strawberry supply chain
  13th July  14:30-16:00
13 Javier Orjuela, Diego Fernando Batero Manso, Wilson Adarme-Jaimes and Juan Pablo Orejuela-Cabrera Trade-off between cost, quality and responsiveness in the supply chain of perishable food
14 Ester Gutiérrez and Sebastián Lozano Cross-country comparison of the efficiency of the European forest sector by DEA approach
15 Lidia Angulo Meza, Marcela González-Araya, Ricardo Rebolledo-Leiva and Alfredo Iriarte An integrated approach of Life Cycle Assessment and Data Envelopment Analysis for eco-efficiency in fruit production
16 Milton Herrera, Lorena Vargas and Angelica Martínez Analytical modeling of environmental data to support the agricultural policy planning in Colombia 
17 Jesus E. Espinola, Rocio Rocha, Angel Cobo, Rafael Figueroa and Lluis M. Pla Analysis of Meteorological Parameters Using Data Mining, for Agriculture in Ancash - Peru 
18 Sergio Serra OpenSoils: a data-centric e-infrastructure for open science in soil security
  13th July  16:30-17:00
19 Olga Romero Dynamic performance of the agricultural sector of the potato under con-ditions of climate change and armed post-conflict
20 Marco Antonio Montufar, David Munñoz and Luis Pla

1 Using Steady-State and Transient Simulation to Deter-mine an Efficient Frontier for Profitability in a Piglet Farm

  14th July  9:00-10:30
21 Victor M Albornoz and Cristian Urrutia-Gutierrez Modelling a two--echelon agribusiness supply chain
22 Olga Romero Modeling collaborative logistics policies that impact the performance of the agricultural sector
23 Gastón Notte, Pablo Chilibroste, Martín Pedemonte and Hector Cancela A Pareto-frontier differential evolution approach for multi-objective optimization in dairy systems
24 Christian Lücken Evaluation of preference-based many-objective algorithms in a crop rotation problem
25 Wladimir Soto-Silva, Marcela González-Araya and Erick Díaz-Miranda An Algorithmic Method based on GRASP for Supporting Planning in the Agro-industry
26 Nelson Aragonés-Salazar and Edmundo Vergara Moreno Non-destructive model for weight estimation in Ananas comusus (L.) Merr. Var. Roja Trujillana
  14th July  12:00-13:30
27 Jorge Leal, Mariana Escallón, Daniel Castillo-Gómez, Andrés Medaglia and Carlos Montenegro An analytics solution for harvesting operations in an oil-palm plantation
28 Javier Orjuela, Milton Herrera and Wilson Adarme The impact of the structure of fresh food supply chains on food security 
29 Esteban López Milán, Lluis Miquel Plà Aragonés and Adela Pagès-Bernaus Minimizing transportation costs and emissions in sugar cane supply chain in Cuba
30 Adela Pagès Bernaus, Virna Ortiz-Araya, Lluís Miquel Plà Aragonés, Jordi Mateo and Francesc Solsona Optimizing feed formulations: from the market to production
31 Nilson Antonio Modesto Arraes, Luiz Henrique Antunes Rodrigues and Marcela C. Gonzalez-Araya Horticultural production planning: structuring a research problem and reviewing their fields of study
32 Elbio Avanzini, Alejandro Mac Cawley, Jorge Vera and Sergio Maturana Multi-stage stochastic optimization wine grape harvest planning model: integrating operational and resource flexibility