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I International Conference on Agro BigData and Decision Support Systems in Agriculture


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27-29 Sep 2017. Montevideo (Uruguay)
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27-29 Sep 2017. Montevideo (Uruguay)

The BigDSSAgro conference is devoted to decision support systems in agriculture, which combine models, databases and algorithms to support many real-world decision-making problems.

The access to cheap sensor technology, drones, climate data and forecasts, satellite information about soils, humidity and more is provoking a revolution with the irruption of Big Data and opening the door to the development and application of novel optimization and simulation models in Agriculture and the Agri-food industries.

The main question to solve is how to transform the huge amount of data into useful information to decision-makers. Current applications cover a wide range of different areas, from food production or animal welfare to sustainability or climate change impact; and they are expected to still increase in future. The scope of the conference includes findings on established andnew Operations Research, Big Data and Analytics methods ineffective decision-making applications in Agriculture and in the Agri-food industry, including their supply chain, and also problems in Forestry and in Environment studies.

Topics of interest to the conference include, but are not limited to:


  • Operational research methods relevant to agriculture, forestry and environment
  •  Sustainability indicators in agriculture and environment
  • Modelling sensor based data to get useful information
  • Big Data techniques with potential applications in agriculture
  • Optimization and simulation models, including agent based simulation
  • Decision support tools based on Big Data and Operational research techniques
  • Decision support tools based on GIS and their implications with Big Data
  • Economic aspects of adoption of Big Data analytics

Applications of the above mentioned methods in the following settings:

  • Smart farms, sensing applications in agriculture
  • Precision agriculture, digital agriculture
  • Industrial agriculture
  • Small scale farming
  • Agri-business supply chain
  • Forestry
  • Land Use
  • Environment studies and environmental protection

Important note: The official language of the conference will be English. Therefore, the works and presentations must be done in this language


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